Constitution of the Hollywood Eagles Club

The Hollywood Eagle Club strives to contribute to the greater Boston College

community by promoting an appreciation and production of film, diversifying

student activities on campus, and enriching the reel of film students in preparation

for the working world. Hollywood Eagles will attempt to facilitate a growing interest

in the filmmaking and criticism on campus by providing much needed film related

resources to various student organizations and academic departments of Boston

Hollywood Eagles will be an organization focused on preparing students for

careers in the Los Angeles-based film and television industries. The goals of the

organization will be the following:

1) Reach out to LA-based alumni who are willing to mentor students and/or
help them find jobs and internships.

2) Form an alumni database that full group members will be able to use for
networking purposes.

3) Hold information sessions, either in person or via videoconference with
alumni provide students with knowledge of the different types of careers in

4) Hold film screenings and organize students interested in pursuing film
projects on campus

Through extensive alumni outreach, the club will gather a group of alumni

willing to mentor students and organize them into a database. Once students have

attended a requisite number of events, they will be made full members of the club

and will be allowed to access the alumni database for networking purposes. The

club would also hold networking events in Los Angeles over the summer to help

students who are doing internships, with the goal of having regular LA activity.

The club will have a hierarchical structure, with a President, Vice President

and Treasurer position. These positions will be filled through club member voting

and filled on a need basis.

The purpose of this club will be to foster alumni-student relationships in the

entertainment industry, and provide BC students with access to an industry that is

heavily dependent on personal connections. Additionally, the club will provide

student filmmakers with opportunities to practice their craft on campus, so that

they may be better qualified for future employment.

Eddie Mele: (201) 401-4758


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